FrequentlyAsked Questions

Frequently Asked

General Questions

What does “Make an offer” mean?

As a buyer you have the choice to either buy at the displayed price or make an alternative offer. If the offer is accepted by the owner of the vehicle, then you can purchase the car at the offered price


Can I arrange a visit to see your vehicles in person?

All the vehicles displayed on our websites remain with their owner in various locations. For that reason, we cannot guarantee the availability of the vehicles for viewing before purchase. However, car owners are legally obliged to show their vehicle to a client after accepting their offer to buy.


How can I contact Camila Motors?

You can meet us at our Burundi offices in: Rohero I, 4 Avenue de France (ex Avenue de Portugal), Galerie Iteka, Offices 12-13
Contact Us: Email:; Telephone: 22 25 90 99


How do I extend or modify the rental period of my hired car?

All Camila Motors clients are provided directed contact to a member of our team. If you wish to extend or modify any terms of your rental contract (i.e. rent for an additional 2 days), simply contact us to explore the possibilities with the vehicle owner.


Can I hire a vehicle to go abroad?

Yes, we display vehicles that can be hired for long-distance traveling, beyond the borders of Burundi. To find them, visit our Rent page , select the “trips/excursions” filter, select a vehicle and check the details segment of its profile for confirmation it can be taken abroad.
Notice: The driver must be possession of a valid driving license in all the countries the vehicle will be driven in.


Are additional drivers accepted when renting?

Yes, you can register more than one driver when renting a car. Each driver is required to sign their own rental contract with the owner. For more details on how to rent on our website click here


Can I cancel a rental request?

Yes, you can cancel your rental request for up to 48hours after it has been approved and not paid

- after payment , a cancelation fee of 50% of the total rental price is charged if you cancel before you collect the vehicule

- cancelation during the rental period is none refundable.

Payment Questions

What currencies do you accept?

As a Burundian business, we mainly operate in Burundian Francs (BIF). However, payments in US Dollars (USD) are accepted. For a USD equivalent quote price, please contact our team at


Can you provide me with a receipt for my payment?

No, we do not provide receipts. The bank remittance provides an official written record of the payment transaction for both the buyer and seller


How long does it take for my bank remittance to be transferred to your bank account?

On average, bank transfers take 3-5 working days in Burundi. If you have issues with payments, please check with your local bank